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Medicaleste Makes a Difference in Hair Transplantation!

Medicaleste Makes a Difference in Hair Transplantation!

Medicaleste Makes a Difference in Hair Transplantation!

We know that hair loss affects your personal, social and professional life precisely every aspects of your life. We are sure about that we have an important role in increasing the satisfaction level of our patients in their lives and when they look themselves in the mirror. We work with professional teams to complete this area that you find lacking in your life. The countless successful hair transplant operations we have done so far as Medicaleste is an indication of this.

Due to its remarkable successful results, we perform our operations with the FEEDING FUE hair transplant method. The difference of this method from other FUE solutions is that the solutions have been used consist of nourishing vitamins that are effective in growth factors. It is a proven and a safe procedure.

As a result of our application, we are committed the perfection in your hair. The credentials of our doctors are unmatched in the field of hair restoration, which has an impeccable reputation. Our experienced, expert staff is approachable and friendly. Florence Nightingale Hair Transplantation Department is medically advanced and designed for your comfort.

Our Clinic

We have a clinic equipped with the latest technology that can meet all your needs during the hair transplant operation. We are proud to serve our valuable patients with our expert staff with advanced facilities.

Services Provided

  • Op.Dr. Mbaraka Ljohiy, Operation in a hospital setting
  • A first Feeding Fue Technique in Turkey
  • PRP + LASER THERAPY at the end of the operation
  • Reception and accompanying services
  • Lounge
  • Free Maintenance

Clinical Services

Unshaven Hair Transplant

Although hair transplantation operations are usually performed by shaving and hitting into zero line, in some cases, hair transplantation operation, which we call unshaven FUE, can be applied without scraping the hair.

Feeding FUE® Hair Transplantation

The difference of this technique from the other normal FUE method is that it works with sapphire tips specific to the technique, and the hair follicles taken from the donor area are kept in special solutions that are effective on growth factors until they are transferred to the recipient area. Thus, strong hair strands are obtained.

Hair Transplantation in Women

Wrinkles are expected to become more pronounced with age, but hair loss is a much bigger problem for a woman. The cause of hair loss may be a symptom of a disease, as well as genetic factors and advancing age to a great extent. Considering the 5-6 hours you spend at the hairdresser, it is actually possible to put an end to this hair loss problem in a jiffy and painlessly. Here is what you will do….

Beard Transplantation

Beard and mustache transplantation is the process of restoring sparse, thinned and lost areas on the face.

Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation is the transfer of hair follicles taken from the donor area to the empty area of the eyebrow. In eyebrow transplantation, the transplantation process is done by sowing the hair follicles taken from the donor area one by one. In this method, it is performed with the FUE method used in hair transplantation.

Why settle for less when we have more?

1Free Consultation
You can get information about our applications and learn all the details you wonder about their methods.
2Analysis & Evaluation
The analysis procedures to be performed by our professional experts and your medical history are reviewed, your hair loss is evaluated and the appropriate application management for your structure is determined.
3Treatment Plan
We determine a separate and specially designed treatment plans for each of our patients.
4Blood Tests
Operasyon tanısında ve izleminde kullanılmak üzere kan tahlilleri ile ölçüm yapılır.
5Post-Operation PRP + LASER Treatment
PRP Laser treatment is performed in order to increase the platelet count by starting the process and to trigger the repair-renewal process in the skin.
6Maintenance Kit
With its herbal formula specially developed for hair transplanted after hair transplantation, a care set is prepared to help your hair follicles grow fast and strong by feeding your hair follicles.
7Diet Program
After hair transplantation, a special diet program is prepared for the patient to be fed with foods rich in calories, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals for the healthy growth and development of hair follicles fed through capillaries.

Our Specialists

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